hospital grade UVC for restaurants

returning confidence to Restaurants

eco-friendly disinfecting
Occupy Ready –
UVC cart

As restaurants return to full occupancy, staff and guests are expecting enhanced sanitation protocols including UVC and Ozone to protect them.

Steriflight Equipment helps businesses create a clean worry-free work environment. The Steriflight cart safely and efficiently eliminates up to 99.9% of surface and airborne pathogens, including all variants of COVID-19.

Eco Friendly & FDA Registered

UVC + Ozone does not use any chemicals and does not leave residue or moisture spots, making it a safer alternative to fogging and sprays for those with breathing or skin allergies to common disinfectant chemicals


We’ve made UVC+Ozone disinfecting affordable to businesses.

• Lease for $275 per month

• Tax deductible under Clean Start Back to WOrk Tax Credit Act

Boosting Diner Confidence

Enhanced Cleaning is expected by diners and staff, and UVC is a highly effective and safe way to sanitize.

Disinfecting and sanitizing your kitchen, restrooms, and dining room promotes better health & wellness of your team, and makes a better impression on guests.

“Studies performed by independent laboratories and healthcare facilities show that UVC light disinfection systems are up to 99.9 percent effective at killing deadly and dangerous pathogens including COVID-19.”

Wheel into place – extend bulbs – press start. The delay timer will activate the equipment and turn it off automatically after treatment.

Unlike electrostatic spraying, UVC is eco-friendly and safe to use on all surfaces including prepped and prepared food.

Display Steriflight cart predominantly when not in use for added guest confidence.

UVC + Ozone Disinfecting

UVC+Ozone technology has been used in
hospitals and laboratories for over 20 years.
Unlike electrostatic spraying, UVC is
eco-friendly and safe to use on all surfaces.
Germicidal UVC also kills airborne germs and is
more cost effective.

meeting guest expectations

eco friendly sanitization

UVC light can safely disinfect objects, surfaces, and spaces. UVC light has been found to destroy the ability of the SARS-CoV-2 virus to infect a host, another indication that it is effective against germs.

steriflight benefits

Returning Comfort and Safety to Guests

Geneva – The International Air Transport Association (IATA) called for governments to work with the industry on confidence-boosting measures in the face of an anticipated slow recovery in demand for air travel.           read more

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Guest perception

Enhanced cleaning is expected by guests, and UVC is effective and safe.

quick application

Treated areas are immediately usable after servicing

chemical free

UVC +Ozone uses no chemicals and leaves behind no residue.

From the cdc

Clean and Disinfect Contaminated Areas

Newly published advice Preventing Spread of Disease in the workplace.

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